About The Center

Jewish Museum



The home of the Kornreich family of Oswiecim serves today as a museum commemorating the lives of Jewish residents of Oswiecim.


The main exhibition presents the nearly 500 years of Jewish history, tradition, and culture in Oswiecim. Visitors to the Center have the opportunity to connect with Oswiecim’s pre-war Jewish life through the exhibition of photographs and artifacts. The photographs of individuals and families, documents and artifacts from local Jewish organizations and businesses, and the Judaica excavated in 2004 from beneath the site of the Great Synagogue of Oswiecim, bring to life the vital Jewish town that Oswiecim once was.







The Center also has exhibition space for traveling and special exhibitions on Polish Jewry and the Holocaust.


A documentary with archival photos and survivor testimony is also available for viewing in English and is subtitled in Polish, Hebrew, and German.